Training, service and support

Our operators

Safeway has a large pool of qualified operators available to be deployed worldwide. The operators have successfully completed the in-house training and each operator is examined by an independent 3rd party.

Independent certification

The training is developed in close corporation with independent certification company STC KNRM. The examiners are independent and follow preset programs.


Part of the training is performed in Dordrecht and the examination and certification on STC-KNRM premises. The training is a combination of learning modules with exams on each module. At the end of the training the Operator is able to work as a professional Safeway compensated gangway operator. The Operator is able to give instructions to transferees and the Banksman. The Operator understands the behavior of the Safeway and is able to act correct in emergency situations.  


Safeway introduction

A routine day for an Operator will be explained including Toolbox, preparation and aftercare, safety inductions, instructions to client personnel. Perform maintenance tasks. The basics of the electronical system will be explained.


Safeway operations manual

This manual will explain how the Safeway works, the movements the Safeway is able to make, the component names, daily maintenance and an alarm list. At the end of the training there will be an exam about the subjects in the Operator manual, which need to be passed.


Communication offshore & VHF

The instructor will explain how to communicate on board. The communication we focus on will be between the Banksman and Operator, DPO and the bridge. This subject will be closed with a practical test with a communication expert.

International certified body

Safeway VR & emergency training

During the exam the student need to accumulate at least 121.5 points to receive Operator status. The VR training provide knowledge about the system and the understanding of the point of view of the Operator. During the VR experience he will get known with the emergency procedures.

International certified body

Offshore training

Basic training like,Bosiet, Medical , EBS, HUET are required. For special projects thetraining can be extended with GWO training.


Safeway electronics training

The basics of the electronical system will be explained. After this training the Operator owns basic knowledge for small electronical failures and knowledge how to communicate with electrical specialist or service engineer.


Safeway hydraulic training

The basics of the hydraulic system will be explained. After this training the Operator owns basic knowledge for small hydraulic failures and knowledge how to communicate with hydraulics specialist or service engineer.

Maintenance according to 3-tier system

Worldwide service.
24/7 support.

With world-wide gangway operations, Safeway is familiar with servicing units abroad.
The world-wide coverage of Safeway leads to having efficient logistic organisation and qualified service personnel available to respond to ad hoc service requests. A “24/7” central help desk is available for supporting on-board maintenance tasks. Through local service centers, technicians and/or parts can be sent to local ports in support of more complex maintenance & repair tasks.

Critical parts

With smart logistic systems (stock keeping & transport solutions), Safeway is able to ship critical parts to any world-wide location within 24 hours, minimising any potential down time of a gangway system.

3-Tier maintenance

The majority of the maintenance activities are planned by a condition monitoring system which reduces overall cost and improves the system’s reliability and availability. To do things right, Safeway has adopted a 3-Tier maintenance system.

Asset management

The Safeway maintenance program is customised for the vessel, area of location and utilisation. The program offers Safeway clients to meet their asset performance goals against the lowest possible cost. The asset performance goals are the starting point for our customised program and will be established with the customer.

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